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Our most popular services include behavioral supports through online courses, one-on-one virtual and in-person supports, and our Parent Connect program.

Online Courses

Our online courses are by far the most popular selection, with on-demand learning for self-paced access anytime, anywhere!

Coming October 2023

Chaos to Calm Behavior Course


$1,055 $749


Adults with Autism: Navigating this World Without Burnout

Coming November 2023


$1,055 $749


Mini Courses

Email for current list of mini course topics

Prices range $30 - $99

Mini Courses may include;

  • Infant and Toddler development

  • Raising an Infant 101

  • Raising a Toddler with Autism

  • Raising a Child with Autism

  • Adults with Autism: Adulting 101

  • Autism Acceptance; How to Become More Than Aware

Parent Connect

No one understands like these parents and professionals in the field ready to answer questions and give feedback! You have found your people!

Register online

Pay $19/month

Access professionals 24/7!

Virtual and In-Person

Find the answers you've been searching for with live sessions from our Developmental Practitioner! Email us now to find the right service fit for you!


Our packages are the most popular choice! These packages are designed for your family to receive the most amount of services with the greatest amount of savings. These are perfect for anyone looking for support across multiple areas and/or to lock in your preferred days and times.

A minimum of 3 days per week for a duration of 4 weeks time commitment is required to access our packages.

We currently offer 2 hour and 3 hour sessions in our packages. Click on “packages” to see more details. For services at a lesser time commitment, please see our hourly services page.

Prices vary by need. Contact us for details.

35% Discount for persons in minority groups, including BIPOC and disabled individuals


Our hourly service rates are at unheard of low prices to better serve the San Diego area! Our hourly services are suited best for families who are looking for support in a single area and/or minimal weekly time commitments. If you’re looking for additional support and greater financial savings, check out our packages!


35% Discount for persons in minority groups, including BIPOC and disabled individuals

Free Events

From bi-weekly Social Groups in the park to a Day-at-the-Farm petting horses and goats, we are continuously adding new activities that spark joy! We’d love for you to join us for any or all of the events we have planned. Each event is designed to be inclusive of all ability and age levels. Check out what we have coming up!



Visit our Youtube to find free videos on behavioral support, academic and tutoring tips, how-to teach videos, and other helpful information! 


We exist to support our community! If we create or find something that we think may be helpful to our families, we will add it here so you can use it, too! From behavioral support charts and data keeping trackers to fun activities, check back regularly to see what new and helpful items we have for you!

Social Media

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